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We are formed by whatever we give our attention to. At Eastside we desire to be a church full of people seeking to hear clearly from God as to how we might live our lives and love our neighbors. Reading the bible together in community allows us to focus together on God.

You don’t have to be an expert to join in and it isn’t a reading plan…more than covering material or ingesting information, we want to be together in God’s Word, seeking to learn how we might know God more a day at a time. God really does speak and you are invited to hear from him day after day and we get to do this together. What a joy and privilege!

How do I do Community Bible Reading?

We desire to be people who are learning to follow Jesus daily, living the Gospel together, and loving our neighbors authentically. Reading God’s word daily and in community is the primary way we get to know who God is, remember who we are, and follow Jesus into loving one another and our neighbors.

We come to God as we are … And learn to follow Jesus daily

  • Asking that God, the Holy Spirit, would speak to us each day! (Psalm 119:18 and 34)

  • Remembering who it is we are talking to. God Himself!

  • Being honest about who we are and where we are today. (Don’t hide)

We listen to God… and seek to live the gospel together

  • Who is God revealing Himself to be in todays reading? (His character and attributes)

  • What has He done? (Especially through the Good news of Jesus)

  • What is my identity if God’s word is true (Our identity changes b/c of the gospel)

We Respond to God… By loving god and our neighbors honestly

  • How shall we live? (What does it mean to Follow Jesus Today?)

  • Who can I encourage or challenge today?

  • Who will help me follow through with following Jesus today?