We at Eastside Community Church want to remember the “Stories of Grace” that God is bringing about in each of our lives and our church family collectively.  

Throughout history, God’s people, have not been the best at “remembering” what He has done for us. We are people of story, but we so easily forget amazing things that God has done or miss the things He is doing right in front of us because we are so busy hurrying through life. 

Sharing our “Stories of Grace” with one another is one small way we can glorify God and His amazing grace in our lives.

We want to share these stories over tables and eventually we want to put some of these stories into video, audio, or creative visual art form to share more broadly not to honor us, but so that God might get glory more broadly for the things He is doing in and around us. 

Please consider sharing a “Story of Grace” with us that we might celebrate together our great God.

Examples of “Stories of Grace”

  • Your testimony of coming to know Christ... (My life before Christ, how Christ saved me, and my life transformed but far from perfect since Christ.)

  • A story of how God used someone in the body to encourage/challenge/disciple you. (How amazing to get to encourage one another in this way with simple stories shared.)

  • A story of something God is or has been teaching you through a rejoicing or mourning season of life now or in the past.

  • A poem, short story, or other creative way to highlight a verse or something true about God... (So excited to see how God creatively reminds us and teaches us about Himself through our stories over the years and excited to have many of them saved so that we can continue to remember and celebrate our great God through them for years to come.)